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It's Cool to Celebrate International Polar Bear Day

February 25, 2016


polar bear day

The Polar Bears International’s (PBI) annual Polar Bear Day is coming up quickly! Every year on February 27th, Polar Bear Day raises awareness about the threat that climate change is posing to polar bears and their fragile arctic home. Polar Bear Day urges you to try and reduce your carbon emissions through something called the Thermostat Challenge.

The Thermostat Challenge could be the easiest challenge you've ever done. The challenge is to turn your thermostat up (if it's cold out) or down (if it's hot) by 2 degrees. By reducing the amount of energy you use when heating/cooling your house you save money, shrink your carbon footprint and help the polar bears by reducing harmful emissions. 

You might be wondering, how much difference can one person make? Considering that heating and cooling count for roughly 50% of home energy consumption and 17% of the total U.S. carbon emissions, the answer is quite a lot. Let's look at how effective the Thermostat Challenge could be with these statistics on what would happen if only one country, the U.S., participated.

  • Adjust the thermostat up 2 degrees when it’s hot out, and down 2 degrees when it’s cold. If everyone adjusted their thermostat only 1 degree, we would save the same amount of energy the state of Iowa uses in a year
  • Install a programmable thermostat. If everyone installed a programmable thermostat, we would save the amount of CO2 that LA creates in a year
  • One small city stopped air leaks in their homes. We would save the same amount of CO2 as if we conserved 1.6 million gallons of gasoline.

At G-Pak, we know that reducing your carbon footprint is important. We designed our product precisely with that in mind. Our coffee pod is made from sustainable fibres, not plastics derived from crude oil. We are also 100% compostable, refusing to join the other 60 million pods that end up in the trash.

Your choices can reduce your own carbon footprint as well as inspire others to work towards change. Small actions like turning down your thermostat or switching to compostable single use items can make a lasting difference and send the message that the stewardship of our planet is important.




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