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Quantifying the waste of k-cups

July 02, 2015


How much waste can there be......A lot! 

Single serve is convenient, tastes great, and offers coffee drinkers a great selection of roasts from which to choose. So what's the catch? 

    The unfortunate downside of k-cups is their petroleum based plastic composition which means that instead of having the positive effects of composting the brewed ground coffee, the coffee pod is thrown into landfills and becomes a source of carbon emissions. Currently the only way to enjoy a k-cup and mitigate the end-of-life waste is to separate the components of the k-cup. The correct way is to peel off the foil lid and recycle it, rip out the filter with the coffee to put into the compost, and dispose of the plastic cup into the garbage (the plastic is commonly a #7 composite which few municipalities recycle). So much for convenience. Even with all this work, there is still a large amount of plastic waste generated. While we are getting our pod ready for market, we crunched some numbers to help visualize what 60 billion K-Cups (the amount that has been consumed world-wide) looks like and how much waste our pod will be taking away.

    60 Billion K-Cups is...

    Enough to fill BC place 2X

    Enough to form a wall 1km wide twice the height of Mount Everest 


    Enough to weigh more than 5000 blue whales


    Enough, if put end-to-end, to make three round trips between the Earth and the Moon

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