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We Asked. You Answered. Our Readers Share Their Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste

September 01, 2015



Take a look around right now. Chances are you’ll find something made with plastic. Your pen, your computer, your phone, even your chewing gum has plastic components. Plastic is found in practically everything these days. You may argue that plastic is recyclable. The reality is, most plastics are “downcycled.” Downcycling, is the process in which wasted plastic is converted into “new” products or materials that are less functional and of lower quality.



Should we be concerned? Yes! Our plastic problem is enormous. According to EcoWatch, billions of pounds of plastic are swirling in our oceans at any given time. It takes plastic 500-1000 years to degrade. Even then, most plastic “photo-degrades,” meaning, it continually breaks down into smaller plastic pieces that can easily be mistaken for food by our oceans creatures. EcoWatch estimates that over 1,000,000 sea birds and hundreds of thousands of marine mammals are killed each year as the result of plastic in our oceans.



Fortunately, not all is lost. If everyone contributes to the solution, we can significantly reduce the plastic waste we create. G-PAK, recently asked our remarkable supporters to share their recycling tips. With an overwhelming response, we have created a list for reducing plastic waste. Below are exact excerpts from our supporters. We thank them for their contribution and their effort to reduce plastic waste.

Darrah Bailey

We recycle where and when we can! We make a day out of recycling and my kids love to separate it. My #1 TIP would be: Make use of your city’s Freecycle and Spring cleaning roundup to recycle and exchange household goods/items with others. GREAT way to recycle!

Tammy Klym Wolfe

Use newspaper to wrap presents and use crafty ribbons to fancy it up. COMPOST everything you can. Give back to community by cleaning up and helping organizations. Take QUICK showers, not long baths. Change light bulbs to more efficient ones. Don’t leave TVs etc. on if not watching! Use timers for lights.

Christine Nunes

We use newspaper to make paper mache! #stopthekcup

Roger Simmons

We reuse scrap paper for the kids to draw on and scrap paper before they get recycled

Rebecca Leggo

One of the things I do is take a water bottle everywhere I go!   WooooooooHoooooooo!!!!!!!!

Opal Wong

We decline plastic bags offered by restaurants and other retail sites, promote recycle at the office with a compost container picked up weekly and drive a 1985 SAAB for the past 20 years that is more sustainable then any current electric car or hybrid vehicle!

Kate Leggo

My recycling tip is to not use K-Cups. Use refillable coffee filters until G-PAK's are available on a shelf near you.

Christy Eldred

Awesome. We use a rain barrel for catching water, bring our own containers for takeout, and wash out produce bags from the grocery store and reuse next time we go shopping.

Devrie Beckett 

My tip - donating unused clothing and household items

Bonnie Yee

Reduce paper waste by using both sides of paper, then recycle the paper. Think before printing and don't print if you don't really need to.

Sandra R. Troche 

We donate our cans & bottles to the local charities #WinWin #stopthekcup

Eric Schapira

Best recycling tip is always leave Tupperware at your favorite restaurant so you don't have to recycle plastic or throw out Styrofoam. Check out....http://thetiffinproject.com/

Katrina Lam

I always use newspapers or magazines or clothes pins to help my boots stand instead buying plastic ones in the store!

Cristina Lawrie

My recycling tip is to teach my kids to recycle, and have them come up with creative ways of recycling too - #buildingafuture #stopthekcup

Cathy Oppedisano

My recycling tip would be to re-use things as much as possible before recycling the item so for example, when I buy groceries, certain items come in cute packaging that still has lots of life left in it before going in the blue bin so I re-use these things in the kitchen for myself or for my cats needs as well.

Krista Forbes Embertson

Backs of envelopes for lists and scrap paper, green waste for worm composting = fertilizer for garden. Seed saving = garden that just keeps giving, freecycle = give away instead of throw away. Eggs shells for calcium in your garden.

Ian Barrett

Old t-shirts make good wipe rags and they are washable and reusable. I keep paper towels around for occasional cleanup of materials that I want to put into the trash and get out of the house.

Kristine Hibbs

I reuse egg cartons for many things....great to start seeds...also good to burn while on the patio to scare away the flies....comes in handy for crafts! #stopthekcup

Bardall Lahrisha‎

One recycling tip that I have is to collect my smaller recyclables near the top of the stairs so that I can take them down with me whenever I need to go downstairs. This streamlines everything and takes away any excuse to throw stuff away.

Jimmy Hu‎G

Try using reusable material as much as possible! Also, keep a "recycling bag/box" on you at all times, in case there aren't any recycling facilities nearby.

Andrea Morrow Duncan‎

We always reduce, reuse & recycle!! We reduce our water consumption & electricity use - we reuse plastic containers & boxes - and we recycle everything (including old batteries, old cell phones - you name it we recycle it!)

Katherine McKinney‎ 

My recycling tip? I water my flower garden with my bath water. Good exercise (4 flights of stairs), I don't waste water AND my plants don't die!!


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