G-PAK - 100% biodegradable single serving pods

Our Story

"Simply put, I want to change the way the world consumes single
serve coffee. The current waste created by K-Cups is unacceptable"
- Darren Footz, CEO


In 2012, entrepreneur Darren Footz began to realize the negative environmental impact created by single serve coffee pods, primarily K-Cups. Since then, he has been tirelessly committed to developing and commercializing the world's first 100 percent compostable single-serve coffee pod. Darren's industry experience, knowledge, and proven track record as a business leader has helped him in his pursuit to develop the revolutionary pod. The pod is the first Keurig-compatible single serve coffee pod made from readily renewable materials and is 100 percent compostable. The innovative use of readily renewable materials combined with a dynamic design maintains the taste and integrity of the coffee. We provide a rich, great tasting, fully compostable product that will satisfy the consumer’s desire to brew a single-serve hot beverage in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.