Meet the G-PAK team

Our Team

Darren Footz, Chief Executive Officer, Compost Master

Darren is an entrepreneur, businessman and supporter of everything green. He is past President of Granville Island Coffee, his most recent venture and a company he built within 5 years from a small artisan roaster to a national brand. He is the innovative mind behind the revolutionary pod. His expertise, dedication, and pioneering ideas are the backbone of our organization.

When he’s not in the lab (rarely…) you can find Darren hitting the ice to play hockey. Darren or “the great one” as he’s known in the hockey world is the 142nd leading scorer in a league of 143 players. Did we mention that the league has 8 goalies? Well-done Darren. Stick to saving the world. 



Ash Guglani, President, Aficionado of Everything Amazing 

Currently, Ash works as a Father to Roman and Vayda the coolest kids ever, supportive Husband to an amazing Wife, and President of G-PAK. At G-PAK, Ash plays an integral role in the company's growth through planning, determining, and foreseeing marketing activities as well as developing effective new techniques to enhance the business. You may be asking why Ash's picture is the only one in black and white. Well, because is it. 

Over the last few years Ash has been addicted to entrepreneurship. He has successfully launched and worked with multiple ventures. Where does he find the time? Well, he’s awesome. He holds a degree in Business Administration through BCIT and expects that his son and daughter will earn their degrees before the age of 12. 




Alexander Lipstein, Director of Operations, Tree Hugger

Continuous improvement embodies all aspects of Alex’s Life. In his words “As a kid, I would take apart anything I could get my hands on. Being able to see the components and how everything worked was beautiful to me, but putting it back together was the challenge.” These challenges made Alex want to become an Industrial and Systems Engineer and has driven him to want to know, understand, and dissect complex processes with a craving to improve them. 

After graduating from San Jose State University with his B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Alex was hired to become a part of the first cohort of an Engineering Leadership Rotational Program within Keurig Green Mountain. Upon graduation from the program he held a position overseeing 15-30+ production associates throughout coffee roasting, maintenance, and packaging. When he’s not trying to achieve peak performance or actively problem solve, he can always be found doing something active outdoors, like playing Ultimate Frisbee, bicycling, or hiking.



Jordan Sciberras, Mechatronic Systems Engineer, Henry Cavill 'extra'

Jordan graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechatronic Systems Engineering.  At SFU he was awarded the ‘Ken Spencer Technology Entrepreneurship Award’ for completion of SFU’s high-tech entrepreneurship initiative in partnership with BCIC and Dr. Ken Spencer.  After graduating Jordan took on various roles focusing on mechanical design & project management.  

In Jordan’s spare time you’ll find him hiking, traveling, surfing, diving, doing just about anything sports related, or working the set for the next big blockbuster.




Marc Bains, Associate, Creative Genius, NHL 16 Champion 

Marc earned his BBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Over the last few years he has worked as an independent financial advisor and marketing consultant for startup’s.

When he’s not in the office writing awesome bio’s, working on pitches, marketing plans, and campaigns, he is out travelling, listening to oldies in his 67 Mustang and enjoying short walks on the beach. Marc attributes much of his success to his mentor, Ash Guglani (we are almost certain Ash made him write this).