Meet the G-PAK team

Our Team

Darren Footz, Chief Executive Officer, Compost Master

Darren is an entrepreneur, businessman and supporter of everything green. He is past President of Granville Island Coffee, his most recent venture and a company he built within 5 years from a small artisan roaster to a national brand. He is the innovative mind behind the revolutionary pod. His expertise, dedication, and pioneering ideas are the backbone of our organization.

When he’s not in the lab (rarely…) you can find Darren hitting the ice to play hockey. Darren or “the great one” as he’s known in the hockey world is the 142nd leading scorer in a league of 143 players. Did we mention that the league has 8 goalies? Well-done Darren. Stick to saving the world. 


Ash Guglani, President, Aficionado of Everything Amazing 

Currently, Ash works as a Father to Roman and Vayda the coolest kids ever, supportive Husband to an amazing Wife, and President of G-PAK. At G-PAK, Ash plays an integral role in the company's growth through planning, determining, and foreseeing marketing activities as well as developing effective new techniques to enhance the business. You may be asking why Ash's picture is the only one in black and white. Well, because is it. 

Over the last few years Ash has been addicted to entrepreneurship. He has successfully launched and worked with multiple ventures. Where does he find the time? Well, he’s awesome. He holds a degree in Business Administration through BCIT and expects that his son and daughter will earn their degrees before the age of 12. 


Evian Macmillan, Just Awesome, Really Really Awesome

Evian has been a serial entrepreneur since his teenage years when he opened a restaurant as part of a high school project and quickly caught the entrepreneurial bug. His most recent business venture won him numerous international product innovation awards and was featured in PROFIT magazine as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Canada. He has become an expert in product innovation and global distribution while working with product development teams at the world’s largest restaurants, such as McDonald’s, Subway and Starbucks. He has earned a reputation of being a creative, driven, charismatic, and influential top performer within the industry and is looking forward to helping G-PAK make a difference in the world.

When he isn’t working on his newest venture or trying to convince someone that Evian is not a girl’s name, he gravitates towards golfing, scuba diving, meditation, racing cars and his favourite pastime, hammock-ing.



Marc Bains, Associate, Creative Genius, NHL 16 Champion 

Marc earned his BBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Over the last few years he has worked as an independent financial advisor and marketing consultant for startup’s.

When he’s not in the office writing awesome bio’s, working on pitches, marketing plans, and campaigns, he is out travelling, listening to oldies in his 67 Mustang and enjoying short walks on the beach. Marc attributes much of his success to his mentor, Ash Guglani (we are almost certain Ash made him write this).



Kevin Tsuyuki Tomlinson, Lead Product Designer, Amateur Voldemort

Kevin strives to achieve a pragmatic balance of innovation and elegance that is influenced by both his Canadian and Japanese heritage. He considers every design decision in order to create an “aesthetic immersion”—even if the resulting experience is for one passing moment—which is key to creating a product that kindles delight, nullifies anxiety, and ultimately deserves to exist in our world. 

After graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design and working with the Japanese design studio Nendo on various household products, Kevin returned to Vancouver to help contribute to the creative wealth of his home city. When he’s not actively designing or improving something, he can be found learning to play French Impressionist piano music or researching how to survive his eccentric and vivid dreams.


Alex Roberts, Legal Intern, Spike Master

Alex graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California magna cum laude with an English Literature Bachelor of Arts degree. She just finished her first year at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia where she served on the Academic Council, the Appointments Committee, and was an associate editor on the UBC Law Review.

When Alex is not researching legal issues, writing contracts, and editing patents she can be found on the volleyball court or at the beach trying to soak up as much sun as possible. Alex’s passion for learning, coffee, and sustainability is a great fit with the rest of the team.